Preston Antiques Dealers – Berry Antiques And Interiors

Berry Antiques - A hidden gen on the outskirts of PrestonIn the world of antiques, many people across the UK frown on reproductions, but at Berry Antiques, history is a precious commodity. The expert team are professionals when it comes to antiques, with restoring, cleaning and selling them. Antique furniture and objects’ popularity is on an upward curve simply because it’s an expression of a person’s character, as well as being a decorative object and an item of investment.

Berry Antiques, Preston, cover a wide range of types, design and historical periods. We specialise in antique tools, dressing tables, home accessories and many more appealing objects. We can use our help today with our team specialising in restoration and refurbishment services. Walnut and oak are just some of the materials that are in our furniture range. We believe if a piece is cleaned and restored, it can add increasing value to your antique.

For your objects to hold any kind of value, it is important to take special time and care of them. Therefore whether you valuables are broken, scratched or affected in any way, Antiques Preston ensure your situation can be turned with our help and services of restoration on items, whilst fixing and mending them also. All of the items we sell are protected for professionally whilst also keeping a quality clean on the antiques.

It can be easy to be brought in the world of collecting antiques, therefore it is important to keep the items you collect safe and stored properly. With many years in the antique business, Berry Antiques can offer you a value for your items, whatever they may be. The team of experts can also provide information you may be looking for, on the subject of what your antique may be, or where it has come from.

We offer customers a unique collection of antiques that can easily change your mind of the intriguing world of antiques. We provide a professional item sourcing service, this means giving you correct and important information on the items you may know nothing about. By assisting you with who it was created by, where it was created and when it was around can give you a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind for your treasures.

Our Address:

Berry Antiques and Interiors
61 Berry Ln


Tel: 01772 780476

If you are in search of antiques in the Preston area, pop down to Longridge and Berry Antiques and Interiors.

Meet The Loss Adjusters Who Work For You

Public Loss Adjusters are a loss adjusting company who can help and advise you with your property insurance claims. Whether it be a fire, flood or storm that you have encountered, then we are here to help you through the claims and repair process that happens afterwards. We deal with various different types of claims.

fire, flood and impact damage insurance claims management services from Public Loss AdjustersThe Public Loss Adjusters ( are willing to work entirely for you, rather than the insurer. We are the experts of insurance claims and loss adjusting. We work only for the claimant, giving you the advice and guidance which you deserve throughout your insurance claim. Our goal is to make sure you receive 100% of your entitlement.

  • Free Validation & Guidance
  • All Work by Independent Qualified Surveyors
  • Free Consent with Guidelines
  • Fixed Cost Restoration & Drying
  • Free Insurance Advice

A fire in your home or business can have devastating consequences. With heat and smoke, this then also increases the damage of your home. Trying to battle the insurance claims after your stressful situation can sometimes be the worst part. We will visit your property and assess the damage that has occurred.

Our company have been working in the industry for over 20 years and is one of the only group of loss adjusters throughout the UK to work for the policyholder and offer customers to use this service. Once you use our brilliant services, we handle all discussions and meetings throughout your insurance claim. We will work on a no win – no fee basis. Our experienced knowledge will help guide you through your claim.

Our loss assessors work for you the public rather that your insurer

We will visit the site of your loss, whether it’s your home or your place of business. We will carry out a site survey and assess the damage, recording details and taking photographs where necessary. We have experts in all areas of claims management who are committed to putting you first. Over the years we have gathered a team of highly professional contractors, who will respond as quickly as possible regarding your flood, fire or storm claim.

Local Builders Chorley

For building services in Chorley we recomend Amber BuildersAmber Builders Chorley are professional builders who offer building services across the North West area of England. They undertake residential building projects. Some of the projects they have complete range from small extensions to large renovations. You can choose from extending your current facilities or have a completely new innovative project. With providing a wide variety of services, you will also gain a promising partnership with these Chorley Builders. Amber Builders have highly skilled builders within the Chorley, Wigan, Standish, Leyland and Preston areas ready to provide expert building services to you.

Amber Builders Chorley have built up a reputation for quality building work that is completed in a timely-manner, whilst being finished to specification and on budget for your needs. Perhaps there is visible damage in your home or business which is showing signs of wear and tear. A home refurbishment can be the most cost-effective way to quickly and efficiently transform your home. Amber Builders tailor for your needs whilst providing a smooth process of refurbishment works.

With extensions and conversions being popular at the moment, our builders in are sure to create additional space in your home, giving room for light in your property. A converted loft or garage can also raise the value of your property by up to almost 20%. Throughout all stages of the process, Amber Builders will help and guide you with their handpicked specialist workforce. All of the builders have a high level of skills and experience. You can be sure to catch the attention of your visitors after all works are completed in your property.

Amber Builders ensure all works are completed with a high quality finish that is safe and structurally sound. If you are also seeking a small bathroom or kitchen re-fit or perhaps an on-suite, all works provided by these Chorley Builders are created by professionals. Amber Builders bring your project to life from your initial idea through to completion. They save time on your project through strict contractor management.  Also they prevent any excess stress by ensuring that all works are seen through to completion, with a minimum of disruption towards your home or building.

To Find out more about builders in Chorley Visit the Amber Builders Website

Modern Bespoke Staircase Designs and Renovations

Improve the look of your home with a modern staircase renovation

Redesigning or changing the staircase in your home may seem like a long tiresome task, but with our Modern Bespoke Staircases we can ensure advice and guidance along the way. We understand more than most, that a staircase is mostly the main focus for visitors in your home. With this in mind, we have a service that allows prospective clients to realise their dreams and aspirations with a completely new stair design for their homes or buildings.

We work closely with clients to ensure the best layouts, designs and materials. This is to provide a product that will best suit the application, whilst being on time with a fixed appropriate price. Bespoke Staircases also renovate your stairs if wanting a small redesign of your staircase. Any design is possible when taken into consideration carefully and professionally. We understand that the staircase has to be given time and effort to ensure it to be admired by all of your visitors.

To ensure we run a smooth and friendly process, Bespoke Staircases work with the client professionally, whilst advising them throughout. With oak, glass and steel being common within the staircase world, there is still a variety of materials that can be used for your staircase. Including glass in the traditional wood material provides an old and new sense of style. Having a spiral staircase in your home may reflect personality and class to those who view it.

As much as Bespoke Staircase provides your home with beauty and style, we also provide safety throughout our works in your building. We believe safety comes first, therefore we only use the most high-quality workmen to provide your home with a staircase that is safe and stable. The most eye-catching styles can sometimes be a clever combination of high quality materials, brilliant design and skilful effort. What is required to achieve this is a large amount of forward planning, specialist work and complete patience.


Reputable Local Builders in Sunderland

Based in and around Sunderland, we are the professionals when it comes to providing building services.

When you are planning on a home improvement it is normally hard to find a builder who has experience in the building trade and can renovate your property in the least amount of time possible. With years of experience, our tradesmen are able to carry out all building services to the best standard that you require.

Our specialist builders in Sunderland are here to help you throughout the whole building process, from the beginning to the end. Our builders in have all experience we need to build and renovate your property as well as meeting your requirements. Our builders understand how hard it is to keep up with the working life and upcoming work which Is why we offer to build anything that you want in the least amount of time possible.

Whilst working, our team of professional builders offer and exceptional service to you. With experience in the past, this has brought about a change to the business which has led to trust in us and friendship with our past clients, bringing customer satisfaction and quality workmanship throughout the building trade in the North east

Our builders in Sunderland have all experience we need to build and renovate your property as well as meeting your requirements. Our builders understand how hard it is to keep up with the working life and upcoming work which Is why we offer to build anything that you want in the least amount of time possible.

Why choose our builders in Sunderland?

Local builders in the Sunderland areaWe undertake all construction related services including:

  • Renovations
  • Alterations
  • Extensions
  • Brick and stone work
  • New builds
  • Retaining walls
  • Drives/paving.

Roof repair work

As well as having the experience in the building trade, we are able to help you renovate your roofing after a strong wind or a storm. Our professional roof repair team which includes skilled craftsmen who have the experience in roof repair. This enables us to offer a ground breaking range of products and services to both domestic and commercial customers.

Choosing The Right Builders In Birmingham

Find Reputable builders in BirminghamWhen you want your Birmingham property extended or altered, this is a job for a local builder, but which one do you go with? Some people say that you should go for the cheapest one and others say go with the one who has the most recommendations on their website.

This doesn’t help when it comes to choosing a Birmingham builder, however the choice doesn’t to be so difficult. There are many general builders in Birmingham who can give you an amazing service for an amazing price.

For Example; you may want your kitchen to be ripped out and replaced but you know it’s going to cost a lot and it’s your daughter’s 18th birthday soon. You want to treat your daughter because it’s a big birthday but you need this kitchen because the old one is falling apart.

Many builders in Birmingham can provide a friendly and reliable service. Before they do anything, they wait for your approval and make sure that it’s what you want before they start. They provide a service which will get your project done in a good amount of time. The end product will be one that is to the highest standard.

For Quality Builders in Birmingham Visit:

Who Know Who Are The Best Birmingham Builders?

Finding the best Birmingham builders at the right price can be difficultbuilders Your trusted friend says that her friend is a fantastic builder and he is really cheap. Fantastic! What you don’t know however is that he hires other people to do the job and you don’t know what they are like. For all you know your dream kitchen may turn out to be worse than the one you already have.

It’s annoying when you get told one thing and the service you get is something completely different. However, the Birmingham builders do what they say. They may not be the cheapest but they are reliable and it is them who come and fit your kitchen. Sometimes it really is quality over quantity!

Expert Loss Adjusters Are Here To Help!

Loss Assessors Working on you behalf rather than your insurerLoss adjusters are experts in various fields. In addition to an in-depth knowledge of insurance claims, the professionals can advise both the insurance company and policy holder on repair techniques. You can rely on our loss adjusters as they perform with skill, fairness and quality for their customers. We understand it can be a stressful time in the family home after having a fire or flood in your home or business.

We all know it can be irritating going through a long, tiresome claim, especially if you are not receiving the immediate loyalty you were promised. With our company, you can rely on the skill, ability and just approach of the loss adjuster. The insurer’s loss adjuster will visit the policyholder, within days after submission of the claim form, to discuss the circumstances of your claim.

Visit Website:

Our expert Loss Adjusters provide outstanding services including:

  • Arranging long term & emergency accommodation for you and your family
  • Removing the stress of dealing with your insurance company
  • Giving you control, and the final say on all important decisions
  • Detecting the damage or loss that falls within the terms of the policy
  • Ensuring the amounts being claimed are reasonable and fair
  • Preparing your claim & presenting it uniquely, giving you the maximum settlement your entitled to

Independent Loss Adjusters give you a better chance of receiving your full insurance claim entitlement.Our team of friendly, professional Loss Adjusters are able to guide and advice how security or safety can be improved to avoid incidents occurring in the future. We can often point to aspects of the claim which the policyholder may have overlooked before. They can also advice on repair techniques, for example the matching of a damaged floor or bathroom suite. Our loss adjusters will have knowledge of the specialist firms in your area who can undertake work regarding your claim.

With regional offices throughout the UK, our professional team of loss adjusters and surveyors are always within comfortable reach to assist you in making your residential property claim. Choose our group of loss adjusters for long lasting results leaving you feeling claim and stress free.

You will be contacted within a few hours by our trusting loss adjusting company. The purpose of this call will be to receive more information about the claim from you. We will then agree a more detailed plan of action. You can also call us for free guidance and advice regarding your flood, fire or damage claim. Health and safety is the first priority and this is fully appreciated by our specialist loss adjusters.

Got a Water Leak and Need Water Leak Detection Specialists?

Got a water leak? We can detect the source and repair the damage.
When you are paying your water bills, it may not occur to you that you may have a water leak which can end up being something that has devastating effects on your property. When you think about it, this is something you cannot afford to ignore, especially when it has caused structural damage such as ceilings or walls. Now may be the time to bring in Dritech’s water leak detection specialists!

Water leaks are sometimes obvious and you can see that you have one due to water marks on your ceiling or damp patches. However, there are times when a water leak can go unnoticed and it’s too late when you do. You normally notice something is wrong when you have a rise in your water bill or you have payments that you weren’t aware of.

But this is not a problem you have to solve on your own. There are many services who can identify and repair the water leak before it does too much damage. You can also save money by monitoring your usage and costs so any problems can be dealt with straight away.

If you think you have a water leak, the best option is to call the professionals. The main place where water leaks occur is in a pipe that you may not be able to reach without using a tool that will cause a lot of damage in the process.

Professionals in the field in of water leak detection will have the equipment that will be able to detect a water leak through materials, meaning that minimal damage will be done to your property. It can also be fixed in a way that will not do much damage to your property so there is little chance any further damage will be done.

A piece of equipment that may be used is ground microphones. These are used to amplify the sound of a water leak, making it easier to locate exactly where the water leak is. This means that the leak can be repaired without having to damage the surrounding area to pinpoint it.

To find out how Dritech can help, call now on 0800 865 4999

Proffessional Builders in Sunderland

Builders in Sunderland have vast experience in planning and building projects. We specialise in converting and renovating all types of property. Our highly skilled building contractors across Sunderland are professional tradesmen with exceptional track records. We have a reputation to keep our long list of clients happy and satisfied.

The friendly team of builder’s expertise in various different services, from general building, to loft conversions. Our aim is to ensure that any job is not completed until the customer is fully satisfied by our work. The builders have gained valuable experience working closely with clients, on progressively larger and more complex projects in and around Sunderland. As part of our comprehensive service, Sunderland builders will manage your project from start to finish.

Find a local builder in SunderlandLoft conversions are becoming increasingly popular recently. Therefore we have made it cost effective and simple for you to gain a new room in your home. We understand more than most, how to help the homes of those who are seeking a small, or large change. We want to turn your dream home into a reality. You can receive expert services with Sunderland builders, from start to completion of your project.

Our builders in Sunderland provide satisfying finished results with bathroom re-fits, appliance fittings and many more effective results. Working closely with our clients, we give piece of mind, leaving you with a long-lasting outcome. As well as covering a range of responsibilities, we also ensure that materials are delivered on schedule, ordering and safely placing them where needed.

All of our projects are ran smoothly, created with a high standard of health and safety, passion and care. Our Sunderland builders include assessing and managing each phase on all projects. We believe strongly in promoting a safe and tidy workplace, ensuring minimum disruption to the customer and their surroundings. Choose Builders in Sunderland for guaranteed fulfilling outcome.

Fire Restoration Company Come To The Rescue!

UK Fire restoration Company Fire can be the ultimate disaster in your property, but as soon you make that phone call to us here at ProBuild, we are with you every step of the way. We will be able to assess the damage, identify what can be saved and find a place for it.

ProBuild Contractors Network are a nationwide company with fire restoration specialists in all areas over the UK, meaning that when you need our help, we will be there quickly. Our number one goal is to restore your property back to the way it was before the fire occurred and this can be done in a way that is both time and cost efficient.

There will not only be obvious damage that has been caused by the fire, there will be concealed damage as well, such as smoke within the wall surfaces. This can become a health risk, however our experts will restore your property as quickly as possible, meaning that you have little to worry about and so that you can return to your everyday routine sooner.

All of your property will be restored, including any electrical wiring that may have been melted. Also, there will be water damage from when the fire was put out which our fire restoration experts will be able to restore. They will assess the damage that has been done and will be able to determine what the best course of action is.

We want to make sure that this whole process is as hassle free as possible for you, meaning that you can return to normal quicker. If you are in need of our fire restoration services, then call our 24 hour helpline now on 08000 433 999 and speak with one of our professionals.